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Fri 28 June 2019

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A celebration of Delia Smith's career and the ways she has shaped what people eat and how they cook it.

Delia Through the Decades - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-11

Delia Through the Decades - List of Ryan's Hope characters - Netflix

This is a list of characters that appear on the ABC soap opera Ryan's Hope from 1975 to 1989.

Delia Through the Decades - R - Netflix

Georgia Rothschild (Played by Gloria Cromwell, 1975–1983) Frank Ryan's office manager.

Dr. Patrick Ryan (Played by Malcolm Groome, 1975–1978, 1983–1988, 1989; John Blazo, 1978–1979; Robert Finoccoli, 1979; Patrick James Clarke, 1982–1983) Called by his nickname Pat or Paddy; son of Johnny and Maeve Ryan. Brother to Frank, Mary, Siobhan, and Kathleen. Started out as an intern and resident in Neurology. Incurable need from childhood to rescue Delia from any predicament she created. Loved Faith Coleridge and had plans to marry her. Delia seduced Pat into sleeping with her with the sole purpose of getting pregnant so he would marry her. Delia's constant demands as a spouse drove Pat to the brink of insanity, developing a pill habit to keep up with both Delia and the demands of his profession. He's handsome and full of charm — and has a wild side.

Richard Rowan (Played by Lewis Arlt, 1987–1988) Married politician who makes a play for Emily Hall, who turns him down due to her commitment to Jack Fenelli. Is murdered in his own apartment shortly thereafter, with Emily and his wife Sherry as the key suspects. The investigation, which ran from December 1987 to March 1988, culminated with both women admitting that they had each tried to take Richard's life; it was Emily who had inflicted the fatal gunshot wound, moments before Sherry had tried to bash him to death.

Cathleen Ryan Thompson (Played by Nancy Reardon, 1976–1980) Daughter of Johnny & Maeve. Sister of Frank, Mary, Pat and Siobhan. Wife of Art Thompson; mother of Maura “Katie” and Deirdre.

Bob Reid (Played by Earl Hindman, 1975–1984, 1988–1989) Lieutenant on the local Riverside police force and former colleague of Frank. Older brother of Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane. He is a man with sensible and traditional ideas who never won in love. His ongoing unrequited love for Faith Coleridge left him at odds with anyone who hurt her. Left town in late 1984 when transferred to Sacramento. Returned in December 1988 for the series' final weeks. Bob revealed to everyone that in the interim, he had left law enforcement in Sacramento to join the Alaska Pipeline. Immediately following, he lost much of his funds and set out for a Spartan existence in the mountains. When this didn't work out, he join an excavation crew, sifting for gold. He lamented on how he so desired to find a living that would bring him happiness and wealth, and got his wish in the series finale when he won the lottery.

Delia Through the Decades - References - Netflix


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