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Thu 20 June 2019

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Britain's Best Bakery is a reality series which sees a national search for Britain's best bakery. Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell sample some of the delicacies of the country's favorite independent, family run and community bakeries, critiquing their way through breads, cakes, pastries and pies. The shortlisted bakeries battle it out in a series of baking challenges that put their skills to the test.

Britain's Best Bakery - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-11-26

Britain's Best Bakery - Tip Top Bakeries - Netflix

Tip Top Bakeries is an Australasian manufacturer of bread products owned by George Weston Foods, a subsidiary of multinational food giant Associated British Foods.

Britain's Best Bakery - Products - Netflix

Sunblest® (White Sandwich, White Thick, Wholemeal Sandwich, Wholemeal Thick, Multigrain Sandwich, Multigrain Thick, Mini Loaf: White, Mini Loaf: Wholemeal) UP™ (Omega 3 Sandwich, Omega 3 Wholemeal) The One™ (Lower GI White Sandwich, Lower GI White Toast) 9 Grain™ (Original, Pumpkin Seed, Wholemeal, Mini Loaf : Original) Bürgen® (Soy-Lin, Wholegrain & Oats, Rye, Fruit & Muesli, Wholemeal & Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds) Fruit & Cafe Bread (Raisin, Cafe Raisin, Spicy Fruit, Cafe Buttermilk) English Muffins (White, Wholemeal, Multigrain, Spicy Fruit) Rolls (Hamburger, Damper, Hot Dog) Golden® (Crumpet Rounds, Wholemeal Crumpet Rounds, Crumpet Breaks, Pancakes, Pikelets, Pikelet Bites) Bagel House (Plain, Blueberry, Cinnamon & Raisin, Poppy Seed, Sesame Seed) Bazaar® (Turkish Rolls, Turkish Pide, White Lebanese Bread, Wholemeal Lebanese Bread, Greek Yiros, Pizza Bases, Mini Pizza Bases, Wholemeal Pizza Bases, White Pita Pockets, Wholemeal Pita Pockets) Krummies (Bread Crumbs, Multigrain Bread Crumbs) Kitchen Collection® (Soy & Linseed Bread Mix, White Bread Mix, Wholemeal Bread Mix, Flour, Croutons, Stuffing Mix)

Britain's Best Bakery - References - Netflix


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