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Thu 26 April 2018

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This educational series takes viewers on a journey around the world to meet all kinds of animals, from the familiar to the not-so-familiar. Animal Atlas teaches viewers about the animals' lives, histories and adaptations that allow them to survive in their environment. Whether it's visiting monkeys or heading underwater for a look at mammals that live in the ocean, Animal Atlas brings animals from around the globe into viewers' homes for an up-close look at how the animals live.

Animal Atlas - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2004-09-25

Animal Atlas - Bellum Entertainment Group - Netflix

Bellum Entertainment Group (formerly LongNeedle Entertainment) is a Burbank, California-based television production and distribution company. Bellum develops, produces, and distributes TV projects for broadcast, cable, digital, and ancillary markets. Bellum Entertainment began creating E/I programs in 2004 with the release of Animal Atlas. In 2012, Bellum entered into a deal with Tribune Broadcasting to license a two hour E/I program block and two-weekend series, Unsealed Alien Files and Unsealed Conspiracy Files. Bellum currently produces television programs for broadcast platforms in domestic and international markets.

Animal Atlas - Distribution - Netflix

Bellum Entertainment distributes six first-run syndicated series to local broadcast television stations, as well as to pay, cable, broadcast networks, and subscription video-on-demand platforms in the United States. Bellum Entertainment's current catalog contains thirty-nine titles and 2,067 episodes. Bellum partners with international distributors including Sky Vision, Electus, Red Arrow, IM Global, Cisneros Media Distribution, and Cineflix to distribute programs to territories worldwide.

Animal Atlas - References - Netflix


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